Mark your calendars!

The Belongg Library Network has an exciting slew of events lined up for the rest of January. Join us for some nuanced conversations with authors and panelists, for thoughtful live readings and discussions, and definitely make sure to keep your day free for the day-long festival!

Register for these events here:


22nd: Conversation with Vasu Varadhan (‘On my Own Terms’)

23rd: “Inclusivity & Indian Languages” a literature festival in collaboration with Indian Novels Collective

24th: Author Interaction with Salma (‘Women, Dreaming‘), moderated by Ram Sarangan

28th: Discussion + Q&A with Christina Dhanaraj and Parvati Sharma (‘Love Is Not a Word: The Culture and Politics of Desire’)

29th: Discussion with Priti David, Aparna Karthikeyan, Vishaka George, and Subuhi Jiwani about their series of chapter books in collaboration with PARI Foundation

30th: Live Reading and Book Art with Nam Veedu, Nam Oor, Nam Kadhai

31st: Q&A with Gopika Kapoor (‘Beyond the Blue‘), moderated by Mallika Narang (Autism Centre for Excellence)