We are creating a network of 100+ literary spaces focused on diversity and inclusion across India.


Introducing Unother

UnOther by Belongg is a mobile app that brings together insights on feminism, gender & sexuality, race, caste, disability, faith, and even prejudice and bias from leading books and authors through book summaries, interviews and podcasts, and conversations.

What is the Belongg Library Network?

The Belongg Library Network is a fast growing network of cultural and literary spaces across India that seek to promote diversity and inclusion through regular book readings, author events, a lending library, and other exciting programming. 

Each “chapter” of the Library is anchored by a prominent bookstore, cafe, or cultural venue and seeks to foster local communities of people interested in themes of diversity and inclusion.

Partner With Us

We are actively looking to partner with publishers, authors, media houses, cultural organizations, philanthropists, companies, academic institutions, and inclusive brands. Discover how you can partner with us to promote diversity through inclusive literature and the arts! 


The Belongg Library Network has 22 chapters across 17 cities as of November 2020. We seek to grow to 100 chapters by the end of 2021. Please see the full list of our chapters below. Our chapters are spread across the country and are divided into four geographic zones – North, South, East, and West – and are always in partnership with a likeminded venue that values literature and the importance of diversity and inclusion. Some cities have more than one chapter while others have only one. 

The Literary Society, Mithibai College, Mumbai


Nam Veedu Nam Oor Nam Kadhai, Chennai

Lahe Lahe Santhe, Bengaluru

Kitabi Chai, Pune

DugOut Food & Beyond, Gurugram

Author activist Santa Khurai's photograph
We spoke to Northeast Indian writer activist Santa Khurai about queer identity and multilingual diversity on a session titled, “Queer Spaces: Intersectionality & Representation.”
The June prompt of our #2021DiversityReadingChallenge is to read a memoir by a writer from the LGBTQIA community and we have a list of incredible, poignant accounts of queer lives that have been unflinchingly lived across the globe, in the face of unending odds.


Start or Support A Chapter

Contact us if you want to start a chapter in a new city or want to support an existing chapter with financial resources, book donations, or volunteering.